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What are the uses of industrial chillers


What are the uses of the chiller, whether the factory needs to use a chiller, what chiller should be used, I think these are the most common questions in the hearts of our customers. In fact, with the continuous development of the refrigeration industry, the application of chillers is becoming more and more extensive, so what are the conductors for chillers?

Chiller use:

1.air conditioning engineering

We know that the power of household air-conditioning is very small, so for large shopping malls, office buildings, and factories, if small air-conditioning is inevitable, we need to use our central air-conditioning system, the host group used in the air-conditioning system , Is the chiller, we call it air-conditioning chiller. Air-conditioning chillers are often used in other public places.

2.petrochemical, organic synthesis

In the petrochemical industry, organic synthesis, separation, crystallization, concentration, liquefaction, and control of reaction temperature in basic chemical industries are all inseparable from refrigeration.

3.Machinery and metallurgical industry

For various machinery commonly used in factories, due to the high precision requirements, it is necessary to use refrigeration to control the oil temperature of the oil pressure system to stabilize the oil film viscosity, which is the normal operation of the unit; if the steel is treated at low temperature, it can not only improve The performance of steel can also increase the hardness and strength of steel and prolong the service life of the workpiece. For example, our common coating machines, injection molding machines, laser equipment, wire cutting machines, etc., all need chillers to provide low-temperature chilled water.

4.food engineering

Because many videos are perishable, and the production of food has strong seasonality and regional characteristics, many users choose to build cold storage to store food, and the cold storage host group uses chillers as well. In addition, high temperatures may occur in some food production processes, which affect product quality. At this time, a chiller is also needed to provide circulating chilled water to cool down. Therefore, we call chillers used in food engineering as food chillers.

5.Construction and water conservancy

In the construction industry, especially large concrete components, the heat released during the solidification process is prone to cracking. Therefore, a chiller is required to provide low-temperature chilled water to cool down and promote rapid solidification. In addition, in the construction of mines and tunnels, when encountering harsh geological conditions such as quicksand, the soil can also be frozen by refrigeration.