Air Handling Systems

The basic working process of the air handling system is: after mixing the outdoor fresh air and part of the indoor return air, the harmful substances such as dust, smoke, black smoke and organic particles in the air are filtered through the filter. Clean air is sent to the cooler or heater for cooling or heating through the fan, so as to make people feel comfortable and appropriate, and then sent to the room. According to the change of winter and summer, the air conditioning process of typical centralized air handling system is different.

Equipment used to adjust the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of indoor air. There are air heaters, air coolers and air humidifiers for heat and humidity treatment, air filters for air purification, air mixers for fresh air and return air regulation and mufflers for fan noise reduction. All air handling units are equipped with fans. According to the requirements of annual air conditioning, the unit can be equipped with automatic control system connected with cold and heat sources.