VRF air conditioning unit have many advantages. Energy saving. Because its end uses refrigerant direct evaporative refrigeration, so the cooling capacity is larger under the same power consumption, and the whole system does not need refrigeration water pump, cooling water pump and cooling tower (for water-cooled chillers), this part of the energy consumption is also saved, and the main engine has high variable frequency series, high cooling capacity control accuracy, which also makes the multi split more energy-saving. Low maintenance cost. Because the pipeline of the multi split refrigeration cycle system is refrigerant, which is different from the central air conditioning of the water system, without the maintenance of the water treatment of the cooling water system and the chilled water system. As long as the air tightness of the refrigerant copper pipe is guaranteed during the installation of the multi split, the maintenance of the refrigerant pipeline is basically not needed, and at most the daily cleaning of the end and the detection of the main engine are also done.