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Heating ventilation air conditioning manufacturer, which supply discount ARV 6 series all DC inverter service, advanced glycol water chiller and other hot sale products. Our company provide an integrated portfolio of industry-leading HVAC products, catering for all applications and buildings.
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China air conditioning equipment system manufacturer, Amrta supply rooftop system, VRF, tent air conditioning, split air conditioning, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, fan coil units and other products. As HVAC manufacturer, we are always provide high quality products to overseas market.
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Amrta is a professional manufacturer of air conditioning products and solutions,including customized as well as many standard chillers, unitary, and terminals. Amrta utilizes smart design, and high quality electronic and mechanical components to insure long lasting performance. Amrta specializes in the most efficient employment of cooling technology, working with customers’ design and engineering teams to create the products that exactly matches requirements and specifications for various applications.
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2021-06-15 Industrial Refrigeration Prospect Forecast
In the past five years, driven by the steady development of the macro economy, the active environment of industry innovation, the increasing consumption level of residents and a number of supporting
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2021-06-02 Features of air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller
Features of air-cooled chiller:1. The air-cooled chiller does not need to be installed with a cooling water tower, which is suitable for environments with poor impurities. (It is easy to mix
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2021-05-27 How to choose a chiller?
Water chiller is a widely used equipment in industrial production and commercial places. Its main function is to cool down. Like the central air conditioner in shopping malls that we often see in our
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2021-02-26 A low global warming potential refrigerant HFC
In 1987,《The Montreal Protocol》was signed. In order to protect the ozone layer hole, countries all over the world have carried out the research on the replacement of HCFCs refrigerant R22, and
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2021-02-22 Natural Refrigerants
At present, the refrigerant substitutes used in industry and commercial area are hydroflurocarbones(abbreviated as HFCS), which are mainly represented by 1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a). Although
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2021-02-01 About the advantages and basic concepts of water chillers
       Explosion-proof chillers, water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers, low-temperature water chillers, water-cooled screw chillers, air-cooled screw chillers, explosion-proof
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2021-01-29 Direct expansion split air conditioner
It is an air-cooled direct expansion split type air conditioner, which is composed of a compression condensation section and an air treatment section. It only needs to transport the treated air to the
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2020-09-28 Reasons for Poor Performance of Industrial Water Chiller
Why the temperature drops not be as fast as before? Some end users who use Water Chiller may have such experience, no matter what the chiller is. After using chiller for some period, they would feel
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2020-09-28 Water Chiller for Injection Molding
Amrta Water Chiller specifically designed for injection mold cooling. In addition to removing the heat from the plastic mold, our water chillers can be used to transfer heat away from the hydraulic
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We manufacture and supply an integrated portfolio of industry-leading HVAC products, catering for all applications and buildings. Please check out our new products.