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Heating ventilation air conditioning manufacturer, which supply discount ARV 6 series all DC inverter service, advanced glycol water chiller and other hot sale products. Our company provide an integrated portfolio of industry-leading HVAC products, catering for all applications and buildings.
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China air conditioning equipment system manufacturer, Amrta supply rooftop system, VRF, tent air conditioning, split air conditioning, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, fan coil units and other products. As HVAC manufacturer, we are always provide high quality products to overseas market.
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Amrta is a professional manufacturer of air conditioning products and solutions,including customized as well as many standard chillers, unitary, and terminals. Amrta utilizes smart design, and high quality electronic and mechanical components to insure long lasting performance. Amrta specializes in the most efficient employment of cooling technology, working with customers’ design and engineering teams to create the products that exactly matches requirements and specifications for various applications.
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2022-10-08 Working Principle of Water Chiller
Chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment, chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure. The working principle of the
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2022-09-28 Analysis of using skills of large ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit
Large-scale ultra-low temperature refrigeration units are used more in various industries, so what are the skills when using large-scale ultra-low temperature refrigeration units? What aspects should
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2022-02-16 Selection and System Composition of Industrial Chiller
Accurate selection of industrial chiller needs to meet 6 conditions, selection is an important problem in the selection of water chiller, large selection is a waste of material resources, small
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2021-12-24 How does the industrial water chiller work?
How does the industrial water chiller work?Industrial process cooling chillers apply to brewery, beverage, dairy, laser, medical and other industry, industrial chillers ensure your equipment stays
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2021-08-12 About HC Refrigerants
Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural, non-toxic refrigerants that have no ozone-depleting properties and absolutely reduce the likelihood of global warming. The world's most efficient and
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2021-07-12 What are the uses of industrial chillers
What are the uses of the chiller, whether the factory needs to use a chiller, what chiller should be used, I think these are the most common questions in the hearts of our customers. In fact, with the
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2021-07-01 Water source heat pump classification
According to the different energy sources utilized by heat pumps, heat pumps can be classified as follows.I. Air source heat pumpUsing air as the "source", air source heat pump, through the
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2021-06-21 Advantages and disadvantages of water source heat pump and ground source heat pump
1. Introduction to deep well technology of water source heat pump1. Principle of water source heat pumpGroundwater is a huge natural resource with great thermal inertia and little temperature
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2021-06-15 Industrial Refrigeration Prospect Forecast
In the past five years, driven by the steady development of the macro economy, the active environment of industry innovation, the increasing consumption level of residents and a number of supporting
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We manufacture and supply an integrated portfolio of industry-leading HVAC products, catering for all applications and buildings. Please check out our new products.