Air-Cooled Chillers

The application of air-cooled chillers in the cooling of plastic processing machinery molding mold can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, make the products not shrink and deform, facilitate the demoulding of plastic products, accelerate the product finalization, and greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine; Air cooled chillers are used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinding machines, machining centers, modular machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling. It can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool, and improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool,China air cooled chillers manufacturers and suppliers.

Product features of air-cooled chillers:

1. The compressor of the unit adopts scroll-type fully enclosed compressor and electronic control components, and is equipped with condenser and evaporator made of high-efficiency and high-quality copper pipes for heat exchange;

2. Equipped with various safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life and simple operation; LCD display man-machine interface is adopted, the operation is simple and convenient, and the operation status is clear at a glance;

3. The models have single-compressor or multi-compressor combined refrigeration system. The compressor can automatically alternate operation according to the load change, balance the operating hours of each compressor, and achieve the effect of saving energy and prolonging the service life of the chiller. Facilitate energy adjustment, more energy-saving under partial load;

4. The enclosure of the whole machine has a box structure, beautiful appearance and compact structure, and the operation of the unit can be checked at any time; the unit can have its own water tank and circulating water pump according to the cooling capacity, without cooling towers and cooling water pumps, simple and convenient installation and maintenance;