Ultrathin Inverter Type Water Cooled Packaged Unit

Cooling Capacity: 1.2~4.4kW
Heating Capacity: 1.4~5.5kW
Air Flow: 200~780m3/h
Refrigerant: R32/R410a
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    Maximum height 252mm

      Greater occupant comfort

    Low operating cost

Amrta water source heat pump achieves higher efficiency, reduced sound,improved indoor air quality and high reliability through variable speed compressor and EC fan motor technology.

Variable speed compressor varies the capacity to match the load requirements in the zone.

ECM motor varies supply airflow for superior comfort control

Reduced height with maximal 252mm

Low height for an easy installation

Only 252mm


R32 refrigerant with very low GWP(675)+inverter rotary compressor+Low energy consumption EC fan


Insulated compressor enclosure for quite design

Variable speed fan and compressor reduce sound levels at lower load conditions

EC motor uses less energy to produce more airflow with minimal sound


Part load operation reduces cyclic operation

Fewer on/off cycles reduce stress of the compressors

100 percent run-tested

Easy to start up and operate


Units support both boiler/cooling tower and ground source heat exchanger applications

Water inlet temperature from-6oC to 45oC air inlet temp from 10oC to 38oC

Supply and return air flow configuration flexibility

Adjustable supply minimum and maximum airflow setting

· Delivers greater occupant comfort

· Quiet operation

· Low life cycle costs

· Reliable operation

· Reduced energy consumption

· High efficiency

· Plug-and-play design

· Extensive factory-installed options

· Easy to service

· Left or right return

· High efficiency direct drive forward curved supply fans with EC motor

· Reliable inverter rotary compressors

· Complete and easy service access

· Sturdy galvanized steel construction with closed cell insulation


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