Vertical Type Air Handling Unit

Available in: Cooling, Heating, Humidifying
Air Flow: 1000m³/h~50000m³/h
Refrigerant: R410A/R134A/R407C
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
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Amrta air handing unit applies colorful steel and galvanized panel as its interior and exterior panel. Inner stuff is the high density polyurethane foam, double pillar and tenon structure that ensures the strength of the unit and low air leakage.

High efficiency and low resistance nylon filter that reduce the power consumption obviously. Easy cleaning and simple operation; at the same time, higher level panel filter is optional too.

Coil applies pure and seamless copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin.
Copper tube is under 12MPa water pressure expanding that can adapt to all kind of high pressure and no leakage, as well as ensure the lowest contact thermal resistance and highest heat transfer efficiency.

All fans in the unit are selected by professional software to ensure the best condition. Minimize the air volume and air pressure loose after meeting with the customer’s requirements. Also ensure the good airflow and reduce the air duct noise.

ESP is stepless control and there are 3 standards ESP for options. At the same time, varies air outlet directions and coil rows are for options.

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