Medical Air Handling Unit

Available in: Cooling, Heating, Humidifying
Application: Pharmaceutical, Medical Treatment, Chemical, Clean Room, Lab, Food
Air Flow: 1000m³/h~300000m³/h
Refrigerant: R410A/R134A/R407C/R22
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Hygienic Air Handling Unit is Amrta's most recent item with low air spillage proportion, high mechanical quality regarding extraordinary prerequisites of working tidy up room and other tidy up rooms in the field of clinical treatment, synthetic, food. It can productively control transmission of microorganisms and spread of infection. Different superior parts are only prepared. 

The Hygienic Air Handling Unit has two arrangement: one measured air handling unit with cooling curl for water and other with cooling loop for refrigerant. 

Hygienic Purificatory Modular Air Handling Unit is utilized for the tidy up room in medication field. Its air molding framework and hardware must apply uncommon gadget to meet the prerequisite; there are some after highlights contrasted and typical air handling unit: 

The casing receives protected air spillage verification configuration, implanted section making froth materials interface both0 inward and outside boards firmly. 

The froth material is high thickness polyurethane to ensure the quality of the board. 

Air spillage confirmation seal + fastener and nut, improving the seal between boards. 

The inward board is made of treated steel with smooth surface to ensure there is no residue and no rust. 

The inside board of the packaging, gathering seepage plate and curl outline are completely made of tempered steel. The warmth exchanger is made of hydrophilic aluminum fan or copper balance to forestall microbes. 

Spotless tilt large seepage plate configuration ensure the inward of the unit doesn't remain water and breed the microorganisms. 

The unit is furnished with bright cleaning light, photocatalyst, ozone generator and so forth, adequately murdering the microorganisms and disinfecting, thusly improving the air quality. 

The unit is additionally furnished with electronic sanitization gadget embracing progressed electrostatic precipitation innovation, consequently absolutely forestalling breed and transmission of microscopic organisms and infection and shielding from disease. 

● Direct Driven and No Volute Frequency Conversion Fan 

Utilizing legitimate testament and high proficient no volute recurrence transformation fan with high exchange effectiveness, no belt wear and stable activity. Then, the no volute fan is open-type structure and advantageous to support and clean, particularly applied to the unmistakable room. 

● Naked Tube Heater 

The warmth exchanger line of the warmer is made of tempered steel, smooth surface, without winding balance, forestalling collection of residue and rearing of microscopic organisms. 

● Flexible and high-productive antibacterial warmth exchanger 

The warmth exchanger is planned by exceptional PC assistant programming, whose exhibition carefully meets the prerequisite of public norm of tidy up room. Hydrophilic aluminum blade or copper balance is applied, along these lines dodging the air through the curl to take the consolidating water covering on the outside of loop away. In the interim it additionally can forestall the reproducing of microscopic organisms. 

Amrta gives loops different determinations to meet various necessities of various clients. (diverse pitch of blades, different balance type, different copper tube widths and materials for water gathering pipe.) 

● Steam-type Humidifier 

The unit utilizes cathode and dry steam to humidify, dodging the humidified situation to keep from the rearing of microbes. 

The unit can utilize different channels with various degrees to meet client's necessities, hence enhancing its presentation. 

Channel is planned with extraordinary structure which is of high catching effectiveness and huge volume. What's more, it is anything but difficult to clean and change. 

Both plate channel and pack channel are placed in a similar edge to limit the length of packaging incredibly. 

The channels from various producers can be introduced in the overall fixed casing for channel. Edge aroused and showered on a superficial level improves its enemy of consumption limit. The outside of the metal plate is smooth enough with no sharp burr; the channel is almost individually and fixed by nuts, making it great airtight. 

Fan set in the front ensure the unit is feeling the squeeze to keep the external air from spilling, which will contaminate the unmistakable air in the unit. Also, the condensate water can be depleted in light of positive weight. 

Territories where can create water, for example, channel defender set in the front, heat exchanger, shield it from rearing of microbes.

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