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About the advantages and basic concepts of water chillers


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   It consists of several modular coolers connected in parallel. The multi-loop operation is coordinated and controlled by a microcomputer, and each compressor can independently adjust the energy. The modular unit can consist of up to 13 units. A computer monitoring system is set up in the modular chiller to control the entire unit. According to the air-conditioning load, each compressor can be started and stopped periodically, or it can be changed from high-speed operation to low-speed operation, including independent refrigeration systems and machine operation.


   According to the change of cooling load, the number of running modules can be adjusted at any time, so that the output cooling capacity can be optimally matched with the air conditioning load and energy consumption can be saved.

  Multiple compressors are guaranteed to work in parallel.

  Light weight, small size, saving construction area;

  The block combination provides the maximum spare capacity for the refrigeration system, which is easy to expand the unit capacity.


   requires high water quality, once fouling and clogging occurs, it will affect the heat transfer of the condenser and evaporator.

  High cost, many parts, many wearing parts, high maintenance cost.

  The compression ratio is low, and the single cooling capacity is small.

  The single head has poor adjustment performance under partial load and cannot be steplessly adjusted.

The weight index per unit cooling capacity is larger.

The air-cooled chiller is one of the chiller models. The water at room temperature is cooled to a certain temperature through the compressor of the chiller to strengthen cooling of the mold or machine. It is used as a stand-alone unit. The heat sink is a built-in fan. There are three main mutual Linked systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical automatic control system.

The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and starts to evaporate. Eventually, a certain temperature difference is formed between the refrigerant and the water. The liquid refrigerant also completely evaporates into a gaseous state, and is sucked and compressed by the compressor (pressure and temperature increase) ), the gaseous refrigerant releases heat through the condenser and condenses into a liquid. After throttling through an expansion valve (or capillary tube), it becomes a low temperature and low pressure refrigerant and enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant cycle process.