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Direct expansion split air conditioner


It is an air-cooled direct expansion split type air conditioner, which is composed of a compression condensation section and an air treatment section. It only needs to transport the treated air to the air conditioning area through the air duct to achieve the temperature adjustment of the air conditioning area. No fan is required indoors, and the air supply system has low noise;

Full air system, no need for freezing and cooling water pumps, no computer room, saving civil construction costs;

Using direct evaporation system, high evaporation temperature, high energy efficiency ratio;

No need to pay water bills, no need to arrange professional computer room operators, low daily maintenance costs;

Optional environmentally friendly refrigerant;

The external static pressure air volume of the unit is adjustable, and the operating cost is low;

Microcomputer controller, equipped with artificial intelligence fuzzy system, to realize the functions of unit detection and protection;

The unit can adopt a flexible way of sending and returning air, which has strong adaptability;

The unit can be equipped with various types of functional segments to achieve functional requirements such as purification, heating, humidification, and precise adjustment of temperature and humidity;

It can be operated with fresh air during the transition season, which has good energy saving performance.

Delayed frosting technology and adaptive defrosting technology not only avoid frequent defrosting, but also ensure the safe operation of the unit;

Various product forms, complete series, high energy efficiency ratio of the unit, low noise, high control accuracy, safety and reliability, low vibration, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, etc., can effectively improve the air quality and greatly improve the working environment Comfort.