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Industrial Refrigeration Prospect Forecast


In the past five years, driven by the steady development of the macro economy, the active environment of industry innovation, the increasing consumption level of residents and a number of supporting policies for cold chain logistics, China's refrigeration equipment industry has continuously improved its technology and accumulated industry experience, and the whole industry has gradually become standardized and mature.In recent years, the rapid expansion of convenience stores, the rapid development of boutique supermarkets, fresh supermarkets and e-commerce have driven the growth of the commercial refrigerator market.Frequent outbreaks of avian flu and African swine fever in previous years have created room for growth in refrigeration equipment such as refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated trucks used in meat processing, freezing and transportation.The acceleration of urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of urban life and the increase in the number of convenience stores in close proximity have led to the huge demand for quick-frozen food and the steady growth of the quick-frozen machine market.Ice machines are used in a wide range of applications, with commercial and industrial demand also driving the growth of ice machines over the past five years.China has a huge market of nearly 1.4 billion people, which has huge demand for upgrading consumption. The consumer market has great potential, strong resilience, great vitality and good growth potential.Therefore refrigeration equipment market development is still optimistic.

In 2025, the market scale of refrigeration equipment industry in China will exceed 50 billion USD.

At present, whether it is the actual situation of energy and water shortage in China, or the national strong implementation of the policy orientation of resource saving and clean production, all make the industrial field to the promotion and application of high efficiency, water saving, energy saving and environmental protection refrigeration equipment put forward urgent requirements;With the increasing demand for refrigeration and the continuous progress of refrigeration technology, the market size of refrigeration equipment industry will continue to increase. It is expected that by 2025, the market size of China's refrigeration equipment industry will exceed 300 billion yuan.