Retail(Independent control of individual zones)

Businesses can waste a lot of energy and money if they can't flexibly adjust the air conditioning to suit each of their operational areas. Amrta air conditioning solutions let you perfectly control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently. This is especially good for compartmentalized commercial buildings, with offices, meeting rooms, lobbies and retails areas, or where the hours of use vary and rooms are empty.

Easy to tailor and manage

Conventional HVAC systems just have a central control system, so it's impossible to individually adjust their performance. Amrta air conditioning solutions feature Individual Controllers that enable highly personalized control of specific spaces, like meeting rooms. And there's a Central Controller and easy to use Management System that can be used to monitor and tailor the conditions in a wide variety of key areas around the business, such as the Lobby.

Create a perfectly warm welcome

One of first impressions that people get of a business or shop is when they walk into the Lobby, so it's important that it’s a good one! Amrta air conditioning solutions cool or heat the area with total control, so that customers and visitors always feel perfectly comfortable. And air leakage is minimized, even if lots of people are coming in and out, so the temperature remains stable.

Effectively cools or heats anywhere

A key factor in any business’ success is creating a comfortable and business friendly atmosphere in which to meet and work with customers and partners. Amrta air conditioning solutions offer has an extensive choice of indoors units, including concealed cassette & ducted, floor standing and wall mounted. So you can cool or heat every type of area within a commercial complex effectively and efficiently.

Keeping shoppers happy and spending

If customers feel comfortable in a retail store their likely to stay longer – and spend more money. Amrta air conditioning solutions let you delicately stabilize and maintain the optimal temperature even in small and narrow spaces. You can easily operate 2 zones simultaneously from one central air conditioning (CAC) unit, or combine up to 4 for larger areas, which also saves the cost of additional products and installation.