Office Center

Independent control of individual zones

Businesses can waste a lot of energy and money if they can't flexibly adjust the air conditioning to suit each of their operational areas. Amrta air conditioning solutions let you perfectly control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently. This is especially good for compartmentalized office buildings, with offices, meeting rooms, lobbies and restaurant areas, or where the hours of use vary and rooms are empty.

Easy to tailor and manage

Conventional HVAC systems just have a central control system, so it's impossible to individually adjust their performance. Amrta air conditioning solutions feature Individual Controllers that enable highly personalized control of specific spaces, like meeting rooms. And there's a Central Controller and easy to use Management System that can be used to monitor and tailor the conditions in a wide variety of key areas around the office building, such as Reception

Quietly enhancing rental office productivity

A whirring or noisy air conditioning system can be a real distraction when you’re trying to concentrate. So Amrta air conditioning solutions work silently away in the background to create a much more comfortable and productive office environment for staff. 

Quietly efficient for effective meetings

When people are making presentations in a meeting it's essential that there are no noises to distract the audience. So Amrta air conditioning solutions operate silently to make the office conference rooms comfortable and also help enable effective and efficient communication. They also provides 360 degree quick cooling and heating and can be individually controlled with a simple remote control.