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Analysis of using skills of large ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit


Large-scale ultra-low temperature refrigeration units are used more in various industries, so what are the skills when using large-scale ultra-low temperature refrigeration units? What aspects should we pay attention to?

The precautions for maintenance and repair of large ultra-low temperature freezers are:

Large-scale ultra-low temperature freezers need regular maintenance. If you do not maintain them, some large-scale ultra-low temperature freezers are relatively expensive, so you will spend more time and managers to repair, which will increase the company's operating costs. . The precautions for the maintenance and repair of large ultra-low temperature freezers are: the large ultra-low temperature freezer should preheat the heat shrinking machine first, the host should work when the power is turned on, and it should be cleaned regularly, and the switch button should not be turned on and off frequently. Type large ultra-low temperature refrigerators often check whether the system water replenishment device is in normal condition, and be careful not to suffer from water shortage.

Keep the environment clean and tidy:

The large ultra-low temperature freezer room should be ventilated and dry, and no debris should be stacked near the large ultra-low temperature freezer. If the debris is stacked, it may make the large ultra-low temperature freezer noisy, and inflammable materials cannot be stacked because the electrical appliances are in operation. Sparks will occur, and if flammable materials are present, an accident may occur.

Professional handling of problems:

The finned heat exchanger in the air-cooled unit should be cleaned regularly to ensure the heat exchange effect. Personnel who are in contact with large ultra-low temperature freezers, if there is no technical level to use them, should be trained in advance to understand their operating principles, operation precautions, and suspicious problems should be checked and dealt with by professionals immediately, and never by themselves. deal with.

In front of the exhaust fan of the air-cooled large-scale ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit, high walls and stacks should be avoided to block the exhaust channel and affect the cooling effect.